Hands-Free CheckLists

The VoxCheckList app reads aloud each step of the checklist and responds to your voice commands to allow hands-free execution of the checklist. Steps can be passed or failed and you can correct previous answers or postpone a step until the end of the checklist. All with single word voice commands.

Our apps and website work together to allow you to create and edit checklists, to assign checklists to devices, and to share checklists with other VoxCheckList.com users.

Our app is available now for Google Android and for Apple iPhone and iPad devices

Please try VoxCheckList.com for free.

To get started, try the free VoxCheckList app from Google Play by clicking the badge in the header bar or you can click the "Register For Free" button on the left.

Our App Reads Steps Aloud and Responds to Your Voice Commands

As each step of the checklist is displayed on the screen, the text of the step is read aloud. In addition to whatever text you want to be displayed on the screen, if you wish, you can specify both long and short voice prompts when creating a VoxCheckList step. The app allows a device user to select either the long or short prompts, for example for novice or advanced users. If you wish you can silence or re-enable the voice prompts with the tap of a button.

Simple one-word voice commands allow you to mark steps as either passed or failed, to postpone the current step until the end of the checklist, or to undo a previous answer. If you wish, on screen buttons can be used instead of voice commands at any time.

Create and Edit CheckLists using our Website Tools

It's really simple to create your own checklist. Just go to the Authoring page of your web account and select "New". Enter the steps of the checklist one by one until you have finished and then "Commit" the finished work to your directory. Then go to the "Devices" page and select the new checklist for use. When next you start VoxCheckList on your device, the new checklist will be shown on the device front page. You can edit the checklist any time you feel improvements are needed or useful.

Community Sharing of CheckLists

Paid subscription users can share their VoxCheckLists both with other selected users and with the entire VoxCheckList community using our forums. All users paid and free can use any shared checklist.

Starting with an already-developed VoxCheckList is a great way to get started with the VoxCheckList system. As your experience and knowledge develops, you too can contribute to the Library. All contributions to and uses of the Library are free of charge.